Our commercial spaces are flexible and versatile, customized and modified to meet the specific needs of different businesses or tenants. Our areas are designed to accommodate various types of businesses, allowing for easy reconfiguration and adaptation based on changing requirements.


Our spaces are designed to accommodate a range of industrial activities, allowing for easy reconfiguration, expansion, or re-purposing based on evolving requirements.

There is ample ceiling height and clear span designs (minimal internal columns) provide maximum flexibility for equipment installation, storage, and workflow. This enables tenants to adapt layouts to accommodate larger machinery or reorganize production lines.

We support various industrial needs, including adequate power supply, efficient HVAC systems, proper ventilation, access to water and drainage, and necessary utility connections.


Our small artist spaces are catered to the creative needs of artists. The lofts provide a compact and intimate environment where artists can work, explore their creativity, and bring their artistic visions to life. To foster a sense of community, a small lounge area is tucked away in one corner. Here, artists can gather, exchange ideas, and engage in stimulating conversations. Comfy chairs and couches invite artists to unwind, reflect, and share their artistic journeys with like-minded individuals.
Spaces from 100 to 5200 sq. ft.

One Rockingham has several different areas of open space, from your average commercial office space to the largest space with 5,250 sq. ft. for you to make your own. The property consists of four buildings:

Building 1
The largest and former Alrose Shoe Company, has plenty of open spaces that are flexible to suit its tenants. This space can be used for winterized storage, or as a headquarters for your new or existing business.

Building 1 also has an expansive second level that would be ideal as a studio space for artists that relish natural lighting to paint, sculpt, dance, or do whatever they dream

Building 2
With truck-high loading docks is a convenient space for cold storage. The two open areas of space total over 1600 square feet. The building was once used as the storage of lumber raw materials for the original Wood & Paper Box Company from the 19th century.

Building 3
Built in the middle of the 20th century consists of ten auto-shop quality bays, which can house a business or provide safe storage for raw materials.

Building 4
Although currently occupied, would make a fine retail location that faces Winter Street.

Energy and Power Output

Some businesses require a lot of power. And we don’t just mean manpower.

Exeter Station Properties was once a factory with great production capabilities, and the building still retains the ability to sustain large power output.

This is perfect for manufacturing businesses. Or if you just have a lot of appliances. Industrial microwave? Refrigerator? Use our power to sustain your manpower.

high ceilings, open space

Whether you are over eight feet tall or your equipment is, Exeter Station Properties can accommodate you with its high ceilings and open space. No need to duck, squeeze, or squat into a tiny four-wall enclosure.

Most spaces have an impressive clearance level of 10 – 16 feet.

Off-street, Secure Overnight Parking
Hate parking on busy streets? Tired of not being able to find parking at all? No need to worry. There is plenty of off-street parking in front of the building; additionally there is secure parking in the rear, even if you need to leave a vehicle overnight. There is also a large loading dock central to all of the buildings.
Tenant Variety

You want space. But not just any space – you want your space.

Exeter Station Properties can really be a good fit for anyone, as proven by the variety of tenants who already occupy these walls. Your new neighbors could build your dream home, create the perfect lawn, buyback that old computer so you can afford these things, and maybe even provide the smallest piece of metal for a machine that will one day save your life.

Among the current tenants are: 
Machine shops, a brewery, painters, graphic designers, woodworkers, candle-makers, photographers, potters, chemical manufacturers, automotive repair, dry storage, cosmetics, machinists, a perfume lab, and so on.